Saturday, 28 January 2012

Whooshes and squishy fat

Interesting article on water retention theory on weight stalls and whooshes in weight loss.

TOM has shown up, I'm super happy about this.  Not from a weight loss point of view, I weighed 85.8kg, so close to reaching the 10kg to go mark.  But with TOM my weight will bounce back up, ah well.

But... we're off to Niue in one week so I really didn't want to have my period while over there.  So yay, as my period only lasts about 4 days it'll be over and done before we go.

Put on my goal jeans today out of curiosity, they fit.  I'm muffining over the top but as long as I don't wear a tight tops they look good, and they are comfy.  I go back to work in 5 weeks so I will need to buy new clothes soon, I have nothing work clothes wise that fits.  I could get away with jeans, but I need to buy some tops.  I so wanted to be at goal before I got back to work so I could buy all new clothes at the size I'm going to be, but this isn't going to happen.  So I'll just have to buy a few things to be as versatile as possible - at least I wear a labcoat a lot of the time so its not too bad haha.  I also need new shoes, my feet have gone down about half a size.  And bras.  Hey, I don't need socks, yay!  LOL

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  1. whats up woman? You're looking fabulous! :)