Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One year weight reduction anniversary

One year and one day ago my Mum had a heart attack.  She is obese, has type II diabetes, so a heart attack was no surprise to any of us.  One year ago I visited her in hospital, talked about her impending angioplasty and possible coronary by-pass, came home and ate two chocolate bars (kit-kat cookies and cream, and caramel chunky).  Then I cried.  And that was the moment I made the decision to change my life.

Today I am -100.1lb from my heaviest weight of more than 290lbs (291 and then my scales gave me an error because I exceeded maximum, so who knows what I actually was).  I call it a journey, getting rid of the weight.  Because its never following a straight path, there are always detours and delays.  I've bounced around a whole lot for the past couple of months.  I think I'm back on track though, I have the desire again, I'm focused and I know I can lose more weight.

One thing I’ve learned is weight reduction (I avoid the word loss because when you lose something it usually implies you want to find it again and I sure don’t want my weight back) is 80% diet, 20% food.  But it is 100% mental, you need will power and determination.  As you can see math isn’t my strong point ;).  I've also learned that I actually don't like cake (except carrot cake).  Alas the same thing cannot be said for cookies -LOL-

And now I get to continue on this trip, my realistic goal is 165lb which is what I weighed in high school.  When I get there I will reassess.  Part of me would love to get lower, part of me just wants to go in to maintenance now!

TL;DR: 291+lb down to 190.9, one year, still going.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! What terrific progress! ♥

  2. It is so inspiring and amazing reading this post. You overhauled your life and your self, and that is no easy task.
    I hope you know what an ass-kicking super woman you are!