Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last post for 2011

Well folks, the year draws to a close and its been a pretty damn good year.  The weight loss stalled but in the big scheme I'm a hell of a lot lighter now than I was.  I'm finding it so hard to find the motivation over this time, I'm hoping the New Year will bring a renewed vigour.  Its the eating that is doing me, chocolate every day arghh.  No will power at all and the cravings are back.  I will need to detox myself off the chocolate again but know that until Xmas is over I'm going to be faced with it and I can't say no.

Exercise wise I'm still working out, I can't believe how fit I am now.  And knowing that my fitness will only improve as I continue with the working out.  I've grown to love sweating, to really enjoy the ache of muscles that have been well used.  I took today off because I did 30min stairclimbing yesterday as part of my work out and shesh my thighs are feeling it today.

I'm ok with the way I look, the top half of my body is looking pretty good.  Alas my stomach, hips, butt and thighs just aren't giving up the fat.  Typical female weight holding really.

So anyway, 2011 you've been a good year.  2012 will see me reaching goal.  I'm going to think long and hard about my New Years resolutions, I did better this year than I imagined - out of my 15 overall weight loss goals I have 5 left so need some new ones.  Non scale goals because I've only got two scale goals to go.

See you all next year, have a great Xmas, enjoy family/food/fun.. whatever it is you do for Xmas.  For us we're off to the beach until New Years.  And then it will be three weeks until my one year weight loss anniversary.  I look forward to stepping on the scales, to taking a photo and to be able to share with people my continuing success.


  1. Did you ever dream you would be saying "I can't believe how fit I am now. "?

  2. Nope definitely not. Just like I never thought I'd actually be fitter and skinnier than my husband!

  3. I think with your very healthy way of thinking you are going to be a wonderful and successful maintainer!

    High five girl!

  4. Good post. Way to go on the lasting fitness and awesome attitude. I hope you had a great Christmas and a super New Years!