Saturday, 3 December 2011

Xmas party #1

I did so good!  We arrived and as usual there was all the pre-lunch snacks, lollies and chips everywhere on the tables.  None passed my lips.  Lunch was a buffet of festive delight, I stuck with salads but that is because I don't like meat.  Pasta, roast vegetable, green salads nom nom.  Dessert I did have some chocolate mousse and fruit salad, but I resisted cheesecake, chocolate eclairs, pavlova, trifle and ice cream.

I wasn't even trying, I wasn't tempted in the slightest by the lollies and chips, when normally I'd be munching on them from the moment I sat down.  The salads were all healthy too, nothing with fatty dressing nu-uh.  The roast vege salad was one I made (potato, pumpkin, kumara, carrot, mixed nuts all roasted and the dressing was a light coating of balsamic vinegar, basil and honey all mixed), its so good it is my new fav salad.

I didn't leave feeling all bloaty and sick.  Usually afterwards its like too much need sleep argh.  I felt good and in control.


  1. How awesome are you? I need the secret to not being tempted. Usually I'm trying hard to fight it or making excuses to give in but to not be tempted at all? That would be super awesome! You're salad sounds great too.

  2. That roasted veggie salad sounds yummy. I request the recipe, please. Roasted vegetables are so awesome in the winter time.

  3. Oh you did do so well. High five cutie pie!

    What is kumara? I think I am gonna make a roasted veggie salad.