Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm baaaack

Bring on the holidays!  Yep, I'm on break from work until March now and so its back to focusing on weight loss.  I maintained throughout the semester, fluctuating up and down around the normal body phases of 2kg.  At the moment I am 89.1kg (196lb) and hoping to lose around 0.5kg a week.  I can make it to the gym 3 days (the days the kids are staying in care), but hopefully I'll get a fourth workout in as well.

I was thinking about low carb again, but its too much hard work -LOL-  I want a weight reduction plan that fits with my life with nothing being off limits.  I love pasta and bread and sugar.  And yeh that is probably why I am fat so giving it up would be good, but I just can't do it!

So my plan?  Simple, I'm going to plan.  Back to writing down what I'm going to eat and then recording what I do eat.  Back to having goals and trying to achieve them.  Back to focusing on me and letting all the stress go.

I'll do the rounds and say hello soon.  I have Willow at home with me today and we're off to go play now.  But I wanted to log in and start my journey again.

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  1. I figured you were wrapping up the semester. Now is a good time to figure out what will work for Spring and Summer. You will have better food options that is for sure. It will make it easier. Really really good news that you basically maintained.

    So glad you are back.